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    Bombay Bicycle Club
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    So Long, See You Tomorrow

Made In America Music Festival
August 31st, 2014 

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It’s september and I still don’t know when my winter semester begins. Oh, and they have no dorm for me. Good job uni.

well, no. How can you be surprised by your own brother?”

-John Lennon [when asked if he was surprised about Paul’s success post-Beatles]

"The thing you must remember is that I’m the Number One John Lennon fan. I love him to this day and I always did love him"

-Paul McCartney

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Miles Kane graffitti in Yekaterinburg, Russia (x)

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    Blame It on Me
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    George Ezra
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    Wanted On Voyage (Deluxe Version)

The Strokes live at Governors Ball, 2014

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